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WDUN's Morning Talk is where North Georgia comes to talk about the hot-button issues of the day. Moderated by WDUN’s Joel Williams, Morning Talk features a rotating cast of daily co-hosts who each bring a different perspective to what’s happening in Washington, Atlanta and right here at home.

But the real stars of Morning Talk might be our callers. Anyone is invited to call in and share their opinions.

Join the conversation at 770-535-2911 or 800-552-WDUN (9386). Or reach out on Twitter @wduntalk.

Our co-hosts


Dr. Tom Smiley is the pastor at Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville. He's right of center, and the resulting conversations are both lively and engaging. You can learn more by visiting Tom's blog, Life with Smiles.



Al Gainey is a local business owner and fomer Hall County Commission chairman. He hosted "The Al Gainey Show" on WDUN for two years. Al is still that straight-up guy who leans to the right and loves to talk the issues with you.




Dr. Emir Caner is the president of Truett-McConnell University and an author or contributor to more than 18 books. As someone born into a Sunni Muslum family and who converted to Christianity as a teen, Caner brings an interesting perspective on world events to the Morning Talk audience. Follow him on Twitter @EmirCaner