Corporate Officers

John W. “Jay” Jacobs III, President/CEO
Elizabeth Higgins, Secretary
Gwynn Taylor, Business Manager
Anna Jacobs, Board Member

Bill Maine, Executive Vice President and General Manager
Mitch Clarke, Director of Internet Operations
B.J. Williams, Director of News Operations
Sandy Griffin, Director of Engineering
Gwynn Taylor, Director of Finance

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Phone: 770-531-0604
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B.J. Williams, Director of News Operations
Marc Eggers, Anchor/Reporter
Rebecca Hubbard, Anchor/Reporter
Caleb Hutchins, Reporter/Traffic
Scott Kimbler, Anchor/Reporter
Rob Moore, Reporter
Bryan Pirkle, Anchor/Reporter
Brian Stewart, Anchor/Reporter
Alyson Shields, Anchor/Reporter
Bill Wilson, Traffic

Morgan Lee, Sports Editor
Katie B. Davis, Sports Director
Brandon Reed, Motorsports Editor
Jeff Hart, Sports Reporter


Phone: 770-532-9921
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Jay Jacobs, Sales Manager

Karen Elliott, Account Executive
Dick Huff, Account Executive
Logan Jones, Account Executive
Jean Pethel, Account Executive
Lori Thompson, Account Executive